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Items on this page will be posted for 30 days. If you would like your item to be listed longer than that, you will need to contact Cathy Law. If your item is sold in less than 30 days, you will need to contact Cathy to have it removed. All ads must include a brief description of the item, a contact name and number or e-mail address. Providing the price is optional. You may also include an electronic photo of the item as a .jpg file.


The City of Walcott is accepting sealed bids on the following items:
(Added 3/2/2017)

  1. A slightly used Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA) Kit.  This kit was purchased in July 2015, and includes the following:  SL1000 meter, 1 PH probe, 1 conductivity probe, carrying case, 2 instrument sample cups, 2 probe sample cups, rechargeable battery, battery charger, instrument manual, USB cable, and a few chemkeys for Total and Free chlorine.  
  2. Manganese testing equipment, includes the following: Hach Manganese Colorwheel kit, Low Range Hach Manganese Pocket Colorimeter II, High Range Hach Manganese Pocket Colorimeter II, multiple reagent sets.       

If interested, contact Public Works Director Paul Stagg, [email protected]



Used Badger RTR Model 25 Meter Head
(Added 2/13/2017)

(41) Used Badger RTR Model 25 Household meter heads.  Can be used on ¾ x 5/8 bases or ½ x 5/8 bases.  They are slightly used, but still in good working condition.  Asking $75/head or $2,870 for all.

New Curb Stops
(17) New 1” Flare A.Y. McDonald Curb Stops.  These are all new.  Asking $85/curb stop or $1,400 for all.

If interested or questions, please contact Royce at Osceola Water Works (641) 342-1435 or (641) 414-4748.