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City of Brandon - Operator By Affidavit for Wastewater Treatment Plant
(Added 8/19/2021)

The City of Brandon is seeking an operator by affidavit to be the operator in charge of the city’s wastewater treatment plant.  The city’s wastewater treatment plant consists of a three-cell aerated lagoon with a SAGR system and UV disinfection.  Brandon’s Iowa NPDES permit number is 1011001.

All proposals shall be submitted on the form provided by the City of Brandon in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Proposal for Operator by Affidavit.”  Please email Brandon City Hall at cityofbrandon@iowatelecom.net to request the necessary form or more information.  All proposals should be received before noon on Thursday, September 9, 2021.  Proposals received after this time may not be considered.