Meet Our Staff

Scott Shover

Chief Executive Officer

Over the years Scott has provided excellent technical assistance and training to hundreds of operators—whether it is diagnostic assistance, operator certification assistance or providing emergency response assistance. He now serves as the Chief Executive Officer for IRWA and has been with the association for 20 years.

Cathy Law

Member Services and Events Coordinator

Cathy has over 20 years of experience at IRWA in the association's event planning and all member services..

Adam Leslie

Wastewater Technician East

Adam joined the association two years ago and is a great resource to Iowa's small communities on the topic of wastewater.

John Lins

Training Specialist

John is our newest staff member. He comes to us from Des Moines Water Works and has a vast knowledge of all things water industry.

Laura McDonald

Chief Financial Officer

Laura is another long standing employee of IRWA. She is dedicated to the financial health of our association. She respects our members and their membership dollars and ensures that the association spends wisely.

Zeb McFarland

Water Circuit Rider West

If you have a question about your water system, Zeb is the guy for you. He has been in the water industry for many years and has a wealth of knowledge to assist any community with any issue.

Julia Reiman

Energy Efficiency Technician

Julia's previous work experience was on the industrial side of water and wastewater treatment for over 6 years helping to improve the processes and increase efficiency. She joined IRWA this past year and has been a great asset to energy efficiency in Iowa. 

David Richardson

Wastewater Technician West

When you have a wastewater system issue, look no further than David for helpful information. He has been in the wastewater industry for many years and joined IRWA in 2019. He has helped systems (including his own community) problem solve time and again.

Aaron Schroeder

Source Water Specialist

Aaron is strongly committed to preserving Iowa's water resources through the design & implementation of Wellhead and Source Water protection plans, He has been with the association for five years.

Casey Sebastian

Water Circuit Rider East

Communities in the Eastern part of the state know that Casey will be there when needed to offer guidance and support when things get tough with a water system. He is committed to seeking a solution for any issue a water system may face.

Emily Piper

Contract Lobbyist

Emily's years of work in the legislative field give IRWA the confidence needed to tackle the day to day within the world on Iowa's hill. IRWA is thankful for her 20 years of service.

Shane Metz

Wastewater Technician

Shane has many years of experience in the industry. If you have a need for Tips N Tricks, he is your guy.